Keep your “home-away-from-home” running smoothly without interruptions

When you have serious power needs for your “home-away-from-home”, you need power you can rely on – whether you’re on the road, on the water or in a remote location.   It takes a lot of power, and heavy duty chargers and inverters, to ensure fridges, computers, televisions, hairdryers, ovens, even washing machines, run smoothly all the time – wherever you are.

The Victron Phoenix MultiPlus from Bainbridge Technologies gives you a serious power boost and can even automatically switch between generators and mains – with no interruption to your power. It’s a sophisticated sinewave inverter, battery charger and power transfer switch all in one compact unit. It’s perfect for big boats, serious caravans and remote houses off the power grid.

Now you can get power you never thought possible for your boat, RV or remote home:

  • Get uninterrupted power: Don’t lose data on your computer or come home to rotting food in an unpowered fridge. If your marina or mains power is interrupted, your Victron MultiPlus will automatically switch to inverter mode – and back again when the power is restored – so quickly your appliances won’t even flicker.
  • Boost your power: Add the power you need to marina, mains or generator power to keep all your appliances running all the time – even during periods of high demand. Get a power boost so you can use a smaller, lighter generator – that means a lower upfront cost, less fuel consumption and less pollution.
  • Maximise the life of your batteries with minimal space: With limited space in your home-away-from-home, the Victron Multiplus is the perfect, compact all-in-one solution to automatically monitor and charge your batteries, keeping them in optimum condition and saving you money on replacements.
  • Get virtually unlimited power: Get as much power as you need by connecting multiple Victron Multipluses in parallel.
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