Keep your batteries out of the grave

Most batteries don’t die. They’re killed. Inadequate charging, improper maintenance between uses, sulphation and over-charging are the common killers. With today’s more advanced and sensitive lead-acid batteries, life expectancy is falling. Consumers like you are spending more and more money replacing prematurely dead batteries, and you’re still being left stranded with batteries that unexpectedly die.

But there is hope! Now, you can save your batteries from an early death. Bainbridge Technologies introduces the new CTEK MXS 4003, a smart 4Amp charger equipped with the latest generation technology and designed specifically to prolong the life of today’s 12V lead-acid batteries.

With the simple touch of a button, the CTEK MXS 4003 implements a patented 8-step approach to diagnose and revive, condition, charge and/or maintain your battery. The MXS 4003 has the power and intelligence to automatically recondition deeply discharged batteries, remove harmful lead sulphation, apply a ’10 day float’ function and maintain your battery indefinitely with a patented pulse technology. Never before has this level of charging technology been available to the consumer market.

Simple, safe and smart – like all CTEK chargers – the new MXS 4003 is fully automatic, foolproof to connect, spark proof and reverse-polarity protected.

Sound like the right charger to keep your 4WD powered up? Got any questions about it? Peter Blume, the renowned ‘Total Power Systems Expert’ is now available at bainbridgetechnologies.comto answer any questions about the MXS 4003 and your battery charging needs.

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