Keep the peace – and your 12v devices – on the road

As you pull out of the driveway, ready to get away from it all in your 4WD, caravan or camper, the never ending battle begins: which 12v device will you plug into the dash outlet? The wife’s smart phone? The iPod that will keep your child entertained for the ride? Maybe the power-hungry fridge that ensures you’ll be able to crack open a cold one when you reach your destination?

Avoid the conflict. Get a Baintech DC Distribution Panel.

Smart, affordable and prewired for virtually foolproof DIY flush mount installation, Baintech Distribution Panels let you charge and power multiple 12v devices at the same time from your dash or from the rear drawer in your 4WD. Each panel comes with a volt meter so you can easily keep an eye on your system voltage, and you can choose from 3 handy configurations to power up a variety of devices at the same time:

  • BTCP004R -2 ciga & 1 dual USB sockets
  • BTCP005R -1 ciga, 1 engel & 1 dual USB sockets
  • BTCP006R -1 merit & 2 ciga sockets

As with all Baintech products, safety comes first: our Distribution Panels are fitted with circuit protection and 20amp resettable breakers. For added convenience, each Distribution Panel also features 4 on/off switches so you can control each socket individually and use the fourth switch as you wish.

Act now, before the debate begins: install a Baintech Distribution Panel to keep everyone’s 12v devices powered up.

Visit to select the right Distribution Panel for your needs – and check out our step-by-step instruction video that guides you through simple DIY installation in your 4WD back panel.

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