JUMPSPOWER AMG6S Lithium Jump Starter

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The JUMPSPOWER AMG6S Lithium Jump Starter is a ultra-light multi-function device.

The JUMPSPOWER Lithium Jump Starter combines a vehicle JumpStarter, a powerbank and a emergency torch in one compact unit. This 3 in 1 device is small enough to fit in your glove box, can jump start a vehicle battery up to 10 times when fully charge and can bring a smartphone to 100% in just an hour. 

If you're stranded on the track, you can simply grab the JumpsPower from your glove box, hook it up, and start your fourby. Not only will you have an LED light for safety, you can easily jump-start the car and charge-up the smartphone to give call your loved ones as well!

Relying on lithium ion batteries, the JumpsPower Lithium Jump Starters are powerful units that can crank your vehicle battery in seconds and on more than one occasion (up to 10 times for 6A model & up to 30 times for 15A model) on a full charge. It also provides quick charging of accessories through a 5V USB outlet and is safe to use with dual reverse polarity protection and the peace of mind of a 12 month warranty.

Suitable for a range of vehicles including, everyday cars, motorbikes, scooters, jetskis, boats and lawn mowers. Works with any 5V USB powered device.




  • World's smallest and thinnest design 
    small enough to fit in your glovebox, handbag or pocket
  • Up to 40 times lighter than traditional jumpstarters
    weighing only 210g
  • 3 devices in one unit
    works as a jumpstarter, a Powerbank and a torch
  • Quickly jump starts a flat 12V battery 
    up to 10 times
  • Fully Charge your smart phone in 1 hour 
    through a 5V USB Output (cables not included)
  • Built-in LED light 
    great for late night emergencies
  • Safe
    Dual Reverse Polarity Protection, over-charge/discharge protection and anti sparking clamps
  • Use of Japanese Chipset 
    Battery standby time can reach >2000 hours



  • Fully charge your AMG before use with the supplied charger
  • Make sure your vehicle is not bigger than the AMG is designed to handle
  • When hooking up to a vehicle - Turn off the engine and pay attention to the cable clamp polarity - RED clamp is positive BLACK clamp is negative
  • Always disconnect the BLACK clamp first within 30 seconds of jumpstarting
  • When starting your vehicle, do not crank the engine multiple times until the AGM dies. Try the ignition key once - wait for at least 15seconds before trying again. If after 3 attempts you fail to start your engine, there may be an engine problem which requires technical supervision. 


  • JumpsPower AMG6S Lithium Jumpstarter
  • 12V Ciga Plug/USB socket
    to charge the jumpspower while you drive
  • Micro USB Cable
    to charge the jumpspower via USB
  • Jump Start Clamps Cable
    with reverse polarity protection and anti-sparking clamps for safe and easy connection to your vehicle

Recommended Vehicle Engine Displacements for Jump Starting:

  • Up to 6 cylinder Petrol vehicles – 3.5 displacement (3500cc or below)
  • Up to 4 cylinder Diesel vehicles - 2.0 displacement (2000cc or below)

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