It takes gusto to keep the good times going!

The excitement and anticipation of taking off for a weekend away is instantly snuffed out when you realise your battery is dead; your pleasure dies quickly when your battery conks out in the middle of an adventure; and your budget is blown when you have to shell out for a new battery…again!

To keep the good times going, you need a battery charger with gusto! You need a charger that’s reliable, versatile, water resistant to endure tough weather conditions and pumped with power – without breaking the bank. You need the CTEK MXS5 from Bainbridge Technologies.

With all the bells and whistles of a professional grade charger, the MXS5 is an affordable, technologically advanced 5amp charger that can be shared amongst all your leisure vehicles with batteries up to 110AH – like 4WDs, trailer boats, small caravans, jet skis and motorbikes.

The MXS5 features a 5 year warranty, CTEK‘s signature 8-step charging cycle and a convenient LED display that shows the exact state of charge. Just plug in your MXS5 (using either the included alligator clamps or ring terminals), set it and forget it. With a cold weather mode, an AGM mode and a reconditioning mode powerful enough to recover even deeply discharged and sulphated batteries, you can depend on your MXS5 to get the good times going and keep them going by maintaining your batteries in optimal condition.

Find out more about the charger with gusto! Ask Peter Blume, Bainbridge Technologies’ resident “Total Power Systems Expert”, all your charger questions at

Get the inside scoop on how to save time and money with a CTEK MXS5 by watching the YouTube below

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