Bainbridge Technologies: innovative products deliver more power

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Bainbridge Technologies: innovative products deliver more power

From city streets to outback gravel roads, at Bainbridge Technologies we know the most frustrating and potentially dangerous situation to face is to have a flat battery in any of your vehicles.We’ve scoured the globe and come up with the most exciting new products to keep your batteries – the heart of your vehicle’s power system – in top condition.


Relying on lithium ion batteries, the JumpsPower Lithium Jump Starters are powerful all-in-one devices that can crank your vehicle battery in seconds and on more than one occasion (up to 10 times for 6A model & up to 30 times for 15A model) on a full charge.

Convenient and quick, the JumpsPower range also feature an LED torch and can charge accessories through a 5V USB outlet. They are safe to use with dual reverse polarity protection. An inbuilt Japanese chipset delivers a high quality product and the JumpsPower range come with the peace of mind of a 12 month warranty. Bainbridge Technologies now stock the JumpsPower AMG 8S.

Visit our shop to buy any of the Jumpspower range.


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Technologically advanced, the CTX BATTERY SENSE lets you monitor your battery, in real-time, 24/7!

You simply connect this sophisticated battery monitor to your lead-acid 12V battery. It then allows you to see the health of your vehicle battery via an app on your smartphone.

Combined with your monitor, the CTX BATTERY SENSE can send push notifications to your smartphone via bluetooth; you can even see an easy traffic light system with green, amber and red graphics to tell you when to charge.

The convenient CTX BATTERY SENSE will warn when a vehicle battery needs charging well in advance so you can avoid a flat battery. To optimise the performance of your batteries, when your monitor displays an amber warning, you can then use a smart charger to look after your battery.

A smart charger like the CTEK MXS 10EC delivers a reliable result every time, ensuring charging is carried out correctly and you won’t be stuck with a flat battery. It’s robust enough to deal with tough conditions and will deliver more power for more good times!

A fully automatic 8 step charger it delivers 10A to 12v batteries including all lead-acid battery types from 20-200Ah up to 300Ah in maintenance mode.

Visit our shop to buy the CTEK Battery Sense.

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