How Temperature Can Change Your 12v Equipment


We often hear about heat negatively changing the performance of our 4×4 equipment, however heading into the cooler months it is just as important to protect your gear in cold temperatures.


If you’re not heading to sunnier states for a winter adventure, and decide to store the camper trailer till summer, ensure you look after your batteries. Correct charging and maintenance of your batteries this winter will ensure you get the full use from them when the warmer weather rolls around. I recommend using a smart battery charger, like the CTEK MXS 5.0 – this charger has a temperature monitor that adjusts the charge rate depending on the ambient temperature which allows for optimum charge rate. This is an excellent feature for charging in cold weather.


  • Don’t forget about your trailer or boat batteries
  • Disconnect, charge and store indoors where possible
  • Batteries that contain water should not be left where they can freeze – water will expand when frozen and therefor damage your wet-cell battery
  • Take preventative measures beforehand by ensuring a wet-cell battery is fully charged – a half charged battery will freeze easier than a fully charged one
  • Invest in quality battery boxes for added protection
  • Depending on storage time – maintenance charge your batteries at least once a month


Just as heat can derate your electronics, cooler temperatures can also influence the performance of your gear. The CTEK D250SA is equipped with a sensor to measure the battery temperature and will adjust the required charge by increasing the voltage in cold weather ensuring the battery is fully charged, while dropping the voltage in hot weather to avoid the problems of overcharging.

The 20A DC/DC Charger-D205SA features;

  •  A 5-step charger to quickly charge up your service batteries from either traditional or smart alternators or from solar power
  • Smart alternator compatibility
  • Special AGM function, featuring a selectable 14.7V for AGM batteries, as well as a 14.4V option for other batteries
  • An advanced in-built Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT), maximising the power from your solar panels
  • Temperature compensation

Used independently CTEK’s D250SA and the SMARTPASS120 are superb, but combined, especially for service batteries larger than 100Ah, they become the ultimate power management system. Together these smart products can deliver up to 140A to your service batteries while you’re on the move.


It’s common to experience a flat battery in cooler months. To prevent being stranded with a flat battery, we’ve got the perfect piece of equipment to get you started. The Baintech JumpStarter BT18 is a powerful three-in-one unit, it will jumpstart your vehicle, charge your phone as well as act as a torch. Powerful yet compact, the jump starter comes in a compact carry case with all accessories and alligator clamps – ready for when you need it.

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