Head off the highway for your powered up High Country holiday

CTEK 20 Amp Off Road System

Power up and build the best set up for your next High Country adventure so you can maximise your camping experience in one of Australia’s most spectacular holiday destinations.

There’s no better way to experience Australia in its finest form than being outdoors and camping in the elements.

With stunning scenery and sensational camping spots, the High Country in Victoria is a camper’s dream. From sites right in the heart of the wilderness with remote and ruggered 4WD tracks, bush walking trails and fishing spots- to more sheltered camp sites along the river beds for families and groups. The High Country offers it all.

But nothing gets in the way of enjoying the good times like running out of power, not knowing how much power you have left for your gear and not having enough sockets or power outlets to charge all your creature comforts.

Even though dream holiday destinations are becoming more remote, adventurers still want to be able to have a hot coffee in the morning using their espresso machine, a pie for lunch (kept hot with a travel buddy warmer) and a cold beer at the end of the day. And let’s not forget the kids’ electronics and everyday mod cons which keeps the peace at the camp site.

Avoid the hassle and settle for comfort

Building the ideal power set up for your getaway in the High Country doesn’t need to be difficult. There’s no need for a tangled mess of wires and cords. You can relax at the camp site after an adventurous day on the tough tracks with a coldie in one hand, while watching the footy on your charged mobile phone in the other- now that’s comfort and convenience right there.

As 12V power system experts and a manufacturer of the largest range of 12V accessories in Australia, Bainbridge Technologies has three pieces of kit you will need for your next High Country adventure, so you can be assured the good times will keep rolling.

-Avoid the hassle and settle for comfort

A DC-DC power system will allow you to charge up your auxiliary battery from your alternator or solar- providing a convenient, easy and reliable power source. The CTEK 20 Amp Off Road System has been designed for people who love off road adventures. This product is great for powering your fridge, camp lights and radio, so your devices are ready to go. For portable power, the Baintech Power Top is an innovative plug-and-play system, featuring a 12V 100Ah gel battery and built-in three-way charging. This makes operation smooth and easy. With charging inputs for AC, DC and solar, you are free to charge anywhere, anytime.

-More power outlets

Great news- you don’t have to fight the kids for your 12V sockets. The popular Baintech Universal Power Panel is specifically designed to charge and power up multiple devices all at the same time and has a variety of socket configurations to suit your individual needs, including USB, merit, Engel and Ciga.

A kit that can withstand the rough country

Getting off the beaten track is becoming more popular, and with the rough and tough terrain, you want to make sure everything in the vehicle remains intact and secure. Specially built to take a beating, the durable and robust BainTuff range currently includes the BainTuff Metal Ciga Socket, BainTuff Metal Engel Socket and the BainTuff Metal Double USB Socket.

Your chance to win!

Would you love to test some of Bainbridge Technologies amazing, innovative products? Five lucky readers will get a chance! All you need to do is tell us where you would use the products and how you would use them. Simply email us at sales@baintech.com.au 

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