Helping the homeless

Bainbridge Technologies are thrilled to have supported OrangeSky Laundry in 2016-a world-first free mobile laundry service for the homeless. The concept behind the charity organisation began in 2014, with the idea of putting washing machines and dryers in a van to wash and dry clothes for free. With increased demand across the country, OrangeSky Laundry has continued to grow, requiring more vans, equipment, assistance and power so they can continue to help those most in need.

And this is where Bainbridge Technologies came in to lend a helping hand. We have provided OrangeSky with a power system to run their washing machines to help with the mountain of dirty clothes they wash daily.  The power system includes 4 x 30 amp 12V BluePower Chargers, a Victron Easy Solar and TBB batteries. Nothing feels better, than helping those less fortunate than yourself and making a difference within the community.

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