Get working with some serious power

Do you have a long day of hard work ahead?  The last thing you need while you’re working is a flat battery in your 4WD. Not only will you waste time replacing a dead battery, but there’s also the cost of a new battery!

Installing a CTEK D250S Dual Smart Charger and a CTEK SmartPass Complete Management Unit into your 4WD will give your batteries the ultimate in performance, power and lifespan.  This impressive combination delivers the clout you need to simultaneously run heavy duty appliances when using a dual battery system so you don’t have to stop working when you need to.

Break free from mains power:By charging your 12V batteries while you drive – using your alternator – the versatile CTEK D250S Dual DC-DC Smart Charger keeps you batteries charged without having to use AC power. It can also operate with solar power to charge your batteries while you’re not on the move.  Fully automatic, the 5 stage charger supplies 20A to all 12V batteries of 40-300AH and is IP65 classified (splash and dust proof).

Boost your output: CTEK’s Smartpass Complete Power Management unit boosts alternator charge, achieving full capacity of your battery, minimising charge time to give you more power sooner. It has a charging current up to 80A for 12V batteries between 28-800Ah.

Optimise performance: Acting as a voltage control relay, the Smartpass initially passes high currents to charge your service battery quickly. When the voltage in your auxiliary battery equals your starter battery (less than 20A), charging automatically switches back to the D250 Dual.

The Smartpass will even ensure your critical devices such as emergency lighting always function. When the voltage on the service battery is low, the Smartpass will protect the operation of critical appliances by disconnecting non-essential items until there is sufficient power to re-connect.

The CTEK DC-DC Smart Charger and Smartpass work in synergy to charge your batteries faster, maximise battery capacity, extend the life of your batteries and save you money. So don’t wait until dead batteries stop you from getting your work done. Watch our latest video on the Dual and Smartpass at and get working with some serious power.

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