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Complex electronics are placing a strain on vehicle batteries; Bainbridge Technologies Managing Director Michael Tyrrell says consumers can save time and money by simply learning more about battery maintenance.

“Today’s vehicles have the processing power to carry out dozens of functions from brake and cruise control to vehicle stability, tracking and security systems. As a result, vehicle batteries are placed under greater strain than ever before,” Mr Tyrrell said.

“Many of these new functions draw extra power from your battery, when the engine is off, so your vehicle’s alternator may not fully charge your battery. At any moment you could face the risk of a flat battery.

“In fact, many vehicles arriving in workshops have a battery problem, and nobody wants to deal with the time, hassle and cost of replacing dead batteries,” he said.

As a consumer, you should always ensure your batteries are charged during your car service, this is normally completed for a nominal fee that could save you the cost and hassle of a flat battery.

Mr Tyrrell said it’s important that to understand the reasons for battery failure and conduct the best battery maintenance to extend your battery life.

Common reasons for battery failure include constantly undercharged batteries, deeply discharged batteries and batteries drying out.

Constantly undercharged batteries

Deeply discharged batteries

Batteries drying out

If a battery is constantly undercharged, a process called sulphation occurs. Sulphation is when crystals build up on the lead plates of the battery and damage it. The battery loses the capacity to charge and needs early replacement Acid stratification may occur if your vehicle’s starter battery becomes deeply discharged. Stratification means that the acid and water in the battery form separate layers, dramatically reducing the battery’s capacity and its lifespan. Batteries can be overcharged and lose water through evaporation. Desiccation occurs when a battery is charged with a voltage that is too high. The top section of the battery’s plates dries out causing permanent damage. If you use chargers with inferior technology, the desiccation accelerates, and the batteries become overcharged more easily.

Mr Tyrrell said investing in a good smart charger was a wise investment to help insure you against the time, money and frustration spent dealing with a flat battery.

“Today’s smart chargers won’t dry out your batteries, they can dissolve sulphate deposits in undercharged batteries and help restore your battery. A smart charger will reverse the process of acid separation and extend your battery life,” he said.

Bainbridge Technologies products are synonymous with reliability and innovation and they stock thousands of quality products ranging from battery chargers to backup power systems, all of Australia’s leading brands, including Baintech, Keepower, CTEK, Sterling and Victron and Australia’s widest range of DC and AC power systems.

“To help tackle battery problems Bainbridge Technologies have sourced the best quality battery charging products so that workshops and consumers can easily look after their batteries,” Mr Tyrrell said.

In 2014, the company launched the Keepower range that features intelligent, powerful battery care in feature-packed, easy to use, versatile units.For consumers, the heavy-duty Keepower XL-pro offers features like a built in battery indicator so you can easily check to see if your battery needs charging, an integrated boosting system to bring deeply discharged batteries back to life and technologically advanced microprocessor, to optimise your battery power and shield your circuits. It’s suitable for 12V and 24V batteries from 3Ah to 600Ah.

For workshops that want to offer battery maintenance services to their customers, the Keepower Max 90A is a powerful workshop charger that is capable of charging batteries from as small as 8Ah (24V) up to an immense 1800Ah (12V) making it completely versatile.

Mr Tyrrell said Bainbridge Technologies would continue to bring innovative products to the market and ensure the latest technology and intelligent charging is available for consumers and workshops.

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