Get away in comfort this winter

The days are crisp; the nights are cool. Winter is a great time to get away and enjoy everything our beautiful country has to offer, naturally. With the right power system, you can take your winter road trips in safety and comfort with reliable power for your heater and lights, your stove, your clothes dryer, your television and all your cold weather get-away toys.

Start with a powerful Victron Phoenix Multiplus. It’s an all-in-one, sophisticated sinewave inverter/battery charger/power transfer switch that will provide practically unlimited power, so you can cuddle up and enjoy all the comforts and warmth of home.

Add to that a high precision BMV600 Victron Battery Monitor. It constantly measures the battery voltage and battery current and calculates the actual percentage of charge available so you’ll never get caught out in the cold with dead batteries. It’s easy to install and easy to wire; Bainbridge Technologies even features a short YouTube video that will step you through how to program it at

Finally, make sure you install a remote panel so you can quickly and conveniently check your power status at any time, without stepping out into the dark or chilly air.

Get away and enjoy Australian winter. Just be prepared! Contact Bainbridge Technologies, your Total Power System Experts, for help determining which power system elements you need to keep you comfortable and safe on the road this winter.

To learn how to program a Victron BMV600 monitor watch our YouTube at

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