Gear to keep your battery healthy while on the Water

Gear to keep your battery healthy while on the Water


Don’t kill your battery by neglect! It’s essential to correctly charge your deep cycle batteries to prolong your batteries life. Therefore investing in a quality charger that will correctly charge your batteries is crucial.

Don’t leave the battery deeply discharged for an extended period of time. Charge it as soon as your back to shore.

CTEK M Series

The M15 is the perfect 15A battery charger for all boat owners. It has a range of functions, including a Recond mode for reconditioning deeply discharged Wet and Ca/Ca batteries, and a temperature sensor which optimises the charge if the temperature deviates from +25ºC. It also has a Lithium* mode for lithium* ­batteries. The M15 comes with a long 4m ­cable with M10 eyelets for easy installation on your boat. *) 12V lithium batteries (LiFePO4)


  • Fully automatic and easy to use. Simple to connect, spark proof and reverse-polarity protected.
  • Compact tough design
  • IP44 rated, making it suitable for outdoor use
  • 5-year warranty

Blue Smart IP67 Charger Waterproof

  • IP67 Rated
  • 5 year warranty
  • LiFePO₄ Compatible
  • Bluetooth enabled

The seven-step charging algorithm gets the best out of your battery. The charger gives the battery the power it needs, maintains its health, ensures better performance… and a longer life.

Unlike other brands, the Blue Smart IP67 Charger Waterproof will attempt to recharge a deeply-discharged battery by force-feeding it with a low current. Normal charging will then be resumed as soon as there is sufficient voltage across the battery terminals.

Blue Smart IP67 Charger Waterproof is equipped with built-in Bluetooth, so the status of the charger and the battery can be checked on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. All settings of the charger can be configured with the VictronConnect app.

An onboard charger can help replenish your battery while not connected to shore power


The Pro Charge B is a fully epoxy encapsulated, plug and play, battery to battery charger. It is primarily designed to be put between the starter battery and an appliance battery (trolling / bow thruster /domestic). The charger puts a load on the alternator and converts that load into a 4-stage charging profile to provide fast and effective charging to the leisure batteries.

Charging your battery with a fishing rod in-hand, the STERLING Pro Charge B weatherproof casing is perfect for marine use. IP68, totally waterproof, fully encapsulated and can be submerged in water.

  • IP68 Rated
  • Battery Chemistry type selection. 6 battery chemistry types including AGM, Gel, sealed/flooded lead acid and LiFePO4.

Why not charge the boat batteries while driving along? Connect a Pro Charge B from the 4WD starter battery via an Anderson type socket. This example will allow you to fast charge while driving to and from your fishing spot and then while cruising along in the boat.

Emergency Power

Compact, lightweight, 3-in-1 Jump starter! Perfect to store in your boat for emergency situations. Charge your phone, use as a jump starter, or an emergency torch. For a small investment, it’s an important piece of emergency equipment.

  • Powerful – 18000mAh – 800A Peak Current
  • Compact – Fits in your glove box – 225mm x 89mm
  • Lightweight: weighs less than 1kg!
  • 3-in-1 Unit: Vehicle jump starter, power bank to charge devices and torch with 3 settings
  • Fully charged BT18 unit will provide a full phone charge up to 8 times
  • Provide enough charge to jump start a small car up to 40 times

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