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Technological advances in vehicles create a constant challenge for the automotive aftermarket industry. To meet this challenge Bainbridge Technologies has embedded innovation into their core business.

Based on more than 25 years of DC and AC power systems expertise, they create cutting-edge power systems and are a leader in the innovative niche of DC accessories for 4WDs, camper trailers, caravans and marine.

Managing Director Michael Tyrrell believes the company’s focus on innovation helps their aftermarket partners stay up-to-date with technological advancements in vehicles and also delivers more robust, powerful and reliable power systems.

“At its core, Bainbridge Technologies has proven expertise in DC and AC power systems, providing reliable, world class products to develop smart total power systems,” Mr Tyrrell said.

“We work hard to create power systems expertise and focus on providing genuine customer service and value creation for our business clients.

“Our DC and AC power systems are used across the auto, leisure, commercial and renewable markets in Australia.

“From battery chargers, portable power packs, inverters and monitors to specialist 12v DC accessories, we offer the largest range of battery accessories in Australia.

“Millions of Australians are using Bainbridge Technologies Total Power Systems in their leisure and everyday vehicles,” he said.

“To compete in today’s markets workshops need fast turn around times, products that can be used by an apprentice and deliver the best battery maintenance for their customers.

“Bainbridge Technologies products deliver a competitive edge because we are synonymous with reliability and innovation.”

This stems from the company’s foundation in creating marine systems.

“When you’re working in the marine sector people’s lives depend on power systems consistently performing. So, expert design and outstanding performance are part of our DNA,” Mr Tyrrell said.

“In our early years we identified demand for reliable power systems in the leisure market. We also saw that workshops were facing increasing pressures to maintain their customers vehicle batteries, so the expansion into the 4WD, camper trailer, caravan, RV, OEM and commercial auto markets was an organic fit.

“We now recognised the demand for renewable energy and can see that our products can help to change the way people create and use power.

“We have developed energy storage systems that deliver automatic and continuous backup power, critical for small business.

One of our flagship products, B.O.B is a fully automatic emergency power storage system. It’s the perfect solution to provide power to critical appliances for small to medium businesses.”

Mr Tyrrell argues that what defines Bainbridge Technologies against the competition, apart from their innovation, is their stand-out product range and their ability in systems expertise.

“We have over 500 quality products ranging from battery chargers to backup power systems, all of Australia’s leading brands, including Baintech, CTEK, Sterling, Victron and Keepower and Australia’s widest range of DC and AC power systems.

“On top of this we have a highly qualified, multidisciplinary team with expertise in electronics design and construction and a full in-house electronics repair workshop.

“We also provide genuine exceptional customer services with a focus on delivering more value for our partners and clients.

“We do this through avenues like our training sessions, e-learning portal, marketing campaigns as well as advertising and editorials to create more market demand.

“We’re not afraid to share our total systems expertise, which makes for relationships built on trust and respect.

The company launched an e-learning portal in 2014, which has successfully strengthened their clients’ 12V knowledge.

The portal is exclusive to business customers with extensive education on battery care, power systems and the latest new products, the Bainbridge-learning portal can strengthen your power systems knowledge.

Mr Tyrrell says innovating product ranges also helps the company and its clients keep their competitive edge.

“Our products are in backyards, workshops, OEMs, 4WDs, camper trailers, caravans, RVs and emergency vehicles across the country. Because of this, we’ve gained some insights into how we can strengthen partnerships and create new ones.

We know mechanical workshops need to get jobs out the door fast. With three out of four vehicles entering garages having a battery problem we’ve brought a great range of innovative products to market to help workshops save time and money.”

This year’s Australian Automotive Aftermarket Expo Bainbridge Technologies will showcase a range of products including Keepower and the exclusive Baintech brand.

Bainbridge Technologies officially launched the Keepower range in 2014. It suits the requirements of workshops featuring intelligent, powerful battery care in feature packed, easy to use, versatile units. This range includes the Max 90A battery charger, the Keepower X8 and the Octal, all ideal for workshops, showrooms and commercial fleets.

The Keepower Max 90A is a powerful workshop charger that has a supply mode and is capable of charging deeply discharged batteries from as low as 0V. Making it ideal for workshops, garages and other professional use.

The Keepower X8 multiple charger station enables workshops to charge up to 8 different batteries simultaneously and allows you to maintain different sized batteries.

The Keepower Octal has 8 charging outputs meaning you can connect up to 8 batteries at once. If you need multiple batteries charged you can connect them before you leave for the night, and when you start again the next morning, all of your batteries will be ready to go.

The Baintech range is an innovated range of accessories that work as a power system in conjunction with batteries, chargers, and inverters.

This leading range includes power panels, portable power systems, flexible sockets, reliable and affordable meters, rugged battery boxes and safe fuse blocks and fuses.

“Consumers want more sophisticated DC and AC off-grid power systems to support their lifestyles. That puts increasing pressure on industries like the caravan, 4WD, recreational vehicle marine and automotive sectors to provide solutions that support the advancements in technology,” Mr Tyrrel said.

To support retailers, in 2014 Bainbridge Technologies released the innovative, ready to go right off the shelf, Baintech PowerTop. This dynamic plug-and-play system features a 12V 100Ah gel battery and built-in three-way charger that makes operation smooth and easy. With charging inputs for AC, DC and solar, it’s completely portable and can be incorporated into any power system.

The Power Top can connect to a range of different devices with different style plugs at the same time. It features a range of inputs for Ciga, Engel, USB and even the new Baintech LockOn socket for securing important loads over the roughest off-road tracks. It comes with six easy-to-read LED indicators, an inbuilt voltmeter with a low volt alarm warning and a 20A resettable thermal breaker.

Looking to the future Bainbridge Technologies will continue to be a specialist innovator and distributor of DC and AC power systems. By keeping the focus on innovation, they will give their partners a competitive edge and bring more products to the leisure, auto, commercial and renewable markets, ensuring everyone enjoys the good times!

To learn more about Bainbridge Technologies deliver the good times to their customers, see their product range and educational videos at stand P48 at the AAAA Expo in April 2015 or visit

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