Forecast the good times with CTEK’s 12V Battery Analyzer.

Don’t get stuck trying to replace a dead battery on your next big adventure. In the same way you check the weather forecast in preparation for your trip, make sure your batteries are in top shape with CTEK’s simple, at a glance, 12V Battery Analyzer.

Ideal for 4WDs, RVs, caravans, boats and your every day cars, at a glance the CTEK 12V Battery Analyzer will report on your battery condition and tell you if action is required.

Anybody can use it, just attach the device to a battery and you’ll instantly see one of these results:

  • Battery Good – you don’t need to take any action
  • Good Recharge – the battery is fine but needs a charge to restore capacity
  • Charge and Retest – charge the battery and test again or;
  • Replace Battery – you can’t rely on the battery and should replace it immediately

The CTEK 12V Battery Analyzer is compatible with all types of 12V lead-acid batteries including Wet, Maintenance Free, Ca/Ca, Gel and AGM and can test batteries ranging in size from 200A to 1,200A.
Stop dead batteries interrupting your holidays and see just how easy it is to enjoy more of the good times by watching our video on CTEK’s 12V Battery Analyzer.

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