Baintech Easter Bundle


The Easter long weekend getaway is a closely held Australian tradition, with sun, sand, fresh air and chocolate, it's a great time of year to head out on a short holiday.

But when you want to get away from it all you don't want to have to worry about powering all your 12V gear: phones, cameras, fridges, lights for your campsite and other appliances are essential to enjoying your trip away from it all. Baintech makes Easter easy this year with the Baintech Easter Bundle! This basket of goodies will help give you the freedom this year to camp where you like, without having to worry about a power source.

The Baintech Easter Bundle

easter boxWebThe Baintech Easter Bundle includes:

  • Baintech Large Battery Box
  • Baintech Battery Box Spacer
  • Baintech Universal Power Panel
  • Total RRP value: $236

As Baintech's easter gift to you - this bundle deal is available at selected retailers for only $169! Offer valid until Easter Sunday or while stocks last so get in quick!


The Baintech Universal Power Panel

The versatile, surface mounted, Baintech Universal Power Panel is suitable for a range of vehicles and applications.

The Universal panel comes in three models:

  • BTUPB4.0: Volt Meter, Ciga, Merit and Merit sockets
  • BTUPB5.0: Volt Meter, Ciga, Engel and USB sockets
  • BTUPB6.0: Volt Meter, Ciga, Merit and USB sockets

Surface mount and foolproof to DIY install, and The Baintech Universal Power Panel comes with a pre-terminated 1m cable and not only does it let you power up multiple devices, it also lets you dig deep into your battery if you need to (with auto disconnect bypass). The Baintech Universal Power Panel is as rough and tough as any of your adventures, cased in hardy anodized aluminum to ensure it won't rust.

Baintech Panel Range


The Baintech Large Battery Box and Spacer

The Baintech Battery Box protects your batteries from exposure to the elements prevents damage which will increase your battery life. Made from tough, impact resistant polypropylene for maximum protection the Bainteh large battery box measures: 180mm x 320mm x 200mm (internal). The Baintech Battery Box spacer adds up to 5cm to the lip of your Battery box making room for taller batteries.

Battery Boxes

Are you a savvy DIY-er?

The Baintech Easter bundle is designed with complementary products, you can either use all these products separately or combine them to create a DIY portable DC power pack. This type of pack is great for free camping, simply charge your pack before your go and pitch your site wherever you like without needing to worry about a power source!

  1. Place a battery of your choice inside the Baintech Battery Box, the Battery Box Spacer makes the pack suitable for taller batteries
  2. Connect the included cable to the Baintech Universal Panel
  3. Mount the panel on the lid of the battery box, being careful to ensure that none of the screws will come into contact with the battery
  4. Using appropriate battery connectors connect your panel to the battery, feeding the cable under the lid
  5. Charge your pack in between trips using an AC Battery Charger

So don't hesitate to get the power to go where you want this easter, and pick grab one of these great bundles from your nearest stockist.

If you're a business customer and you're interested in stocking this product - simply fill out this form or give us a call!


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