Ask the experts 12V tech with Bainbridge Technologies

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Ask the experts 12V tech with Bainbridge Technologies


Your 4WD needs the power to match your adventures. A reliable power system gives you the freedom to set up camp how you like it and to be free from mains power. You can run your fridges, lights, winches and electronics without risking a flat battery.

With proven expertise and world-class products at Bainbridge Technologies, we know you want smart total power systems. Often people are left scratching their heads trying to figure out the best choice to prolong the life of their batteries and keep the good times rolling with a few cold beers!

The best place to start is to take a look at your batteries.


A conventional, high-cranking, lead-acid battery connects to the ignition, lights, and basic car electronics. Start batteries can absorb and release the acid very quickly.

This creates a high, cold cranking amps (CCA) battery with a very low internal resistance – just what you need to start a motor vehicle or operate a winch. However, a dedicated start battery does not like being discharged below 11.5V – do that more than three or four times and you’ll be buying a new one.

This makes start batteries less than ideal for running 4WD accessories even on overnight trips. In the old days, people would run a second deep cycle auxiliary battery via cables directly from the start battery. With today’s demands on your power, running an auxiliary battery this way is almost guaranteed to leave you high and dry.


A wet cell, the deep-cycle battery uses the same technology as a start battery except the plates are much thicker. So, a deep-cycle wet cell battery takes longer to absorb and discharge the acid, making for a battery that’s able to release a constant amount of power over a longer period.

While they take significantly longer to recharge, deep-cycle batteries can discharge up to 50% of their capacity hundreds of times without incident. They are ideal for running all your 4WD accessories when you get to camp.


Forget about running your auxiliary battery directly from your start battery, it’s a sure fire way to be left stranded! A DC-DC dual battery system will conveniently charge your batteries while you drive, keeping them in top condition.

One of the most affordable set-ups around is a dual battery kit containing a reliable Voltage Control Relay (VCR).

A VCR will connect the start battery to the second (auxiliary) battery and then relies on the alternator to not only charge the start battery, but the second battery as well.

The VCR will connect (join the start and second battery) once the voltage reaches a certain point, and disconnect when the input voltage drops.

This way your start battery will always have sufficient power to start your engine, and you can run those extra electronics with no worries!


•   reliable and powerful

•   good value for money

•   compact design

•   easy to install

•   fully automatic

Bainbridge Technologies produce the Baintech Dual Battery Kit. It’s tough enough to withstand a battering. Using a powerful (100 or 160 amp continuous operation) relay, this versatile system charges your batteries while you drive and can even start your 4WD from your auxiliary battery.

Delivering serious power, the 160 Amp Dual Battery Kit is for hardcore 4WDrivers because it is IP68 classified, waterproof, fully self-contained and dust proof, it’s built to last.

Affordable and foolproof to DIY install the Baintech Dual Battery kit is compact enough to fit into tight engine bays and comes with everything you need (cables, voltage control relay, heat shrink, lugs and ties).

To learn how to power-up your next big adventure with a tough and versatile dual battery kit watch our video below.

Alternatively, visit our shop to buy any of the Dual Battery range.

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