Don’t be left in the dark

No more scrambling around for your torch when you need to check your power level at night.

BAINTECH Volt and Amp Digital LCD Meters are designed to let users read live measurements at night, from a lengthy distance and in a single glance. Combining the newest technology, top quality workmanship and affordability, BAINTECH’s DC meters are the ideal battery meter for RV and Caravan enthusiasts.

Available in 3 configurations – dual voltage, dual amp and single voltage/amps – these compact DC meters are suitable for RVs with single or multiple battery packs. They all use sophisticated hall sensors and display real time DC current in amps without any DC loss. The operating voltage on all meters is between 9V – 30V, and the DC Amp Meters can read up t o 50Amps DC, using as little as 25mA while the backlit lamp is operating.

A major cost and time saving benefit of the BAINTECH DC meters is their quick and easy installation and set-up. Almost any RV owner can “D-I-Y”.

BAINTECH’s knowledge and expertise in power technology for the RV market is evident in these compact, inexpensive and highly applicable Volt and Amp Digital LCD Meters.

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