Don’t be left dead in the water

Flat boat batteries are a serious matter. Battery failure at sea can not only bring a sudden stop to your holiday adventures or leisure activities, it can leave you in dangerous and even deadly situations.

You could be robbing the capacity and life of your batteries if you, like many pleasure boat owners, keep your batteries at a low charge and rarely keep your craft on the water long enough for the batteries to receive a full charge. This low state of charge will eventually cause the acid to settle to the bottom of each cell in your batteries and cause what is known as stratification. This can lead to the even more depleting condition of sulfation – the build-up of hard crystals of lead sulphate on the battery plates.

CTEK’s revolutionary new M100 12V battery charger can not only charge and maintain your boat’s batteries – it can even reverse the effects of stratification and sulfationwith its unique RECOND mode. Your batteries will be given a longer life, keeping you safe from battery failure and saving you hundreds of dollars replacing prematurely depleted batteries.

Another exclusive feature of the CTEK M100 is its SUPPLY mode which lets you directly supply power to your boat. That means you can protect your important electronic settings when you change your battery. SUPPLY mode can run 12V equipment up to 7A.

Michael Tyrell, Managing Director of CTEK distributor Bainbridge Technologies, says “If you want peace of mind on the water, you’ll want CTEK’s M100 powerful marine battery charger. It provides more safety and security than traditional battery chargers, and unlike some other chargers it’s specifically designed to withstand even the roughest of marine conditions.”

The CTEK M100 – spark-free, short circuit proof and protected from reverse polarity – is a high capacity charger designed for boats with batteries 14-250Ah. It is IP65 durable and water resistant and made specifically to not damage your boat’s metal components or electrical equipment. Its CTEK patented ‘pulse maintenance’ technology ensures your battery will never be overcharged even when connected for long periods of time.

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