Don’t be caught dead

In the water or on the road, the last thing you need is a dead battery. Whether it’s your start battery, your house bank or your accessory battery that dies, the consequences can be dire. If your start battery dies when you’re far from land or civilisation, the consequences can even be deadly.

That’s why you need the Sinergex PureCharge battery charger – a heavy duty 3 stage battery charger designed to increase the performance and life of your batteries. Like other truly automatic 3 stage chargers, the Sinergex PureCharge delivers charges in bulk, absorption and float stages. Unlike other chargers, though, the PureCharge features 3 isolated outputs to charge up to 3 batteries at one time; it can charge almost any type of battery including Lead Acid, AGM, Sealed, maintenance free and GEL; and it can charge even big batteries with a charging output of up to 40 AMPS.

The Sinergex PureCharge is a powerful, multifunctional battery charger that will keep your batteries in better condition for longer – so you won’t be caught dead.

Check out the YouTube video at to find out more about how the PureCharge works and how it can give your batteries a longer life.

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