Solar Panel or Solar Blanket? Which one’s got your vote?

Sunny Australia is an outdoor adventurer’s dream. Not only are we spoilt for places to explore, but our typically sunny weather means that we can go off-grid with our trusty solar-powered devices and keep the fun going! The question is, do you prefer charging your battery with solar panels or a solar blanket? Let’s do a quick assessment of their features:

Aluminium framed Solar panels


• Set and forget

• Affordable

• Easy to secure or lock to drawbars or towbars, and hard for thieves to tuck under their arm and walk away


• Heavy

• Need careful handling Solar blankets

• Very portable and lightweight

• Less fragile than panels

• Easier to pack CONS

• Because they’re so light, they’re easy to steal

• More expensive than panels

What’s been your experience and what do you prefer?

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