Travelling Off-The-Grid? Your Questions Answered

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Here’s everything you need to know about off-grid systems for when you go deep into the outback with your 4WD.


If your dream is to pack up the 4x4 and travel to remote destinations, then you’ll need a reliable source of power to help get you there and back. The CTEK 20A Off Grid System is designed to do just that. This off-grid system combines CTEK’s D250SA DC-DC charger and System Monitor. The D250SA battery charger will ensure the batteries you rely on when traveling are properly charged and maintained throughout your trip. On top of this, you’ll gain critical information about the health of your batteries with the CTEK System Monitor. This monitor calculates your Amp hour draw and voltage, the state of charge, the power you have remaining, and it will even tell you how much power you are using – which is crucial when you’re relying solely on off-grid battery power. ctek images blog



DC-DC charging gives you more control and flexibility when charging and maintaining auxiliary batteries. Equipped with selectable charge voltages for a variety of batteries, including AGM – means you have more flexibility with the batteries you use in your set up. Although a DC-DC system comes with a higher price tag than traditional VCR Alternator charging, a DC-DC charger pays for itself in the long term, extending your battery life by correctly charging and maintaining your batteries.

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With direct wind and solar input, in combination with alternator charging, you can be assured of reliable power when you go off grid. Featuring a built-in MPPT the CTEK D250SA installed in your 4WD will charge from solar, allowing you to charge from your alternator while you’re on the move, then charge from your solar panels when you’re taking a break; ensuring your batteries are maintained and ready to power your gear.


The CTEK SMARTPASS120 is designed to support the CTEK D250SA in bigger battery systems by passing heavier current to the battery bank. To get the best benefit, it does require a larger vehicle alternator to power its operation. Simply put - the CTEK D250SA is the brains of your installation, while the SMARTPASS120 handles the brawn. Your individual set up and power requirements will determine whether the SMARTPASS 120 will be beneficial.


If you are after a portable battery pack that does everything a hard-wired dual battery system can do, the PowerTopV3 is what you need. Being portable means there is no complex installation time. With charging inputs for AC, DC and solar, you are free to charge anywhere, anytime. You can store the PowerTop in your boot, ute tray, or even take it out of the 4WD at camp so you can power your fridge and camp lights inside your tent or camper trailer, or around your campfire.

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