NEW 140A Charging System

The only 12V dual-battery energy management system you'll ever need

CTEK’s 140A OFF ROAD CHARGING SYSTEM combines the D250SA 20A charger with the SMARTPASS 120 power management unit for the ultimate off road charging system. It makes sure your vehicle and your onboard equipment have full power, right when they need it, so you can stay off road for even longer. For complete peace of mind, you can see at a glance how much charge you’ve got left and the length of time till your batteries are discharged.

The D250SA charger can get its energy from alternators, solar panels and wind power. It separates starter and service battery and maximizes the use of the both without risking that the starter battery is unable to start the engine. SMARTPASS 120 The SMARTPASS 120 charges and maintains your service battery using 120A from the alternator. It will automatically prioritise critical equipment so radios, emergency lights and navigation systems always have the power they need. The CTEK MONITOR constantly monitors the voltage and current (charge and discharge) to show you exactly how much charge you have and how many hours you’ve got left before your battery bank is empty.

 Installing these products into your 4WD, camper trailer or caravan will give your batteries the ultimate performance, power and lifespan. CTEK enables you to extend your enjoyment of the outdoors!

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  • Input : 11.5-23V, 25A
  • Output : 14.4/14.7V, 20A max
  • Back current drain*
  • Corresponding to less than 1Ah/month
  • Ambient temperature : -20˚C to +50˚C (- 4°F to +122°F)
  • Battery types : All types of lead-acid batteries, 12V, WET, MF, Ca/Ca, AGM, EFB, GEL
  • Battery capacity : 40–800Ah
  • Warranty : 2 years
  • Insulation class : IP65


Add the 180w Baintuff Solar Blanket to the D250SA and Smartpass 120 - our testing has shown that on sunny days you’ll see up to 15A of charging power going into your auxiliary battery bank!






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