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CS Free Charger + 75AH Standard Power Batter - CS FREE Bundle (w/ FREE Battery Box)


GST included




  • Adaptive Boost Technology

    If your vehicle won’t start, just connect it up and CS FREE will automatically analyse the state of your battery. It’ll then work out the safest and quickest way to give it the power it needs to start your vehicle within 15 minutes.

  • Works with all types of 12V lead acid and lithium batteries

    Suitable for use on motorbikes, cars, leisure vehicles and vans
    Can be left safely connected for smart maintenance charging
    Can be charged and used with 12V accessory socket, service battery or solar panel

  • Easy to use, easy to operate, easy to understand

    No modes to select – just connect and the CS FREE will do the rest
    Complete range of accessories available for mains free charging and handy storage
    New ergonomic design with a tough and durable case.


  • 2-year peace of mind warranty

    You're protected. We provide 2 year warranty for a total peace of mind.

  • More power, less weight.

    Baintech batteries cut the weight and the cost, combining it with CS Free charger will help you travel without limits.

  • Australian Owned, Designed, Engineered, & Assembled

    With more than 30-years of experience in DC and AC Power Product Solutions, Bainbridge Technologies are the leaders in innovative power solutions.





Looking for a battery charger with a free battery power box? Order one (1) CS Free Charger + 75AH Standard Power Battery and receive one (1) battery box for FREE! 

Why Baintech & CTEK is the perfect match?

Reliable Power Anytime, Anywhere. Enjoy the good times with CTEK & Baintech.

Both your car's bestfriend.

Both your car's bestfriend.

Save time, charge faster.

This is front side content.

Save time, charge faster.

Portable charging and maintaining you can take anywhere

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Portable charging and maintaining you can take anywhere


What some awesome people say


I have bought several Baintech Lithium slim line batteries, awesome product, great after sales support and assistance. Highly recommend this product, especially for those where space saving is a priority. Battery fits perfectly behind seat.

Ken Mcdonald

Excellence exceeded in customer support! I required Technical support regarding my Ford PX2 and the Powertop interfacing. 'Tod' who was my contact not only offered clear advice on my system, but showed professionalism in his comments on competitors equipment. Ultimately, a positive solution was achieved and I will be a repeat customer.

FGI Fire

My Baintech Powertop runs my Weaco 40ltr fridge at 1 degree from Friday night to Thursday morning. I love buying products/technology which actually does what it says it can do. Quality, user friendly and robust.

Andy G

The Truth of Cost vs. Quality

The Hidden Dangers of Electronics It is difficult to sometimes see what is inside a product. It is very easy to substitute cheap or counterfeit electronic parts to make a product look and operate to expectation for a short period of time like it should, however it is a gamble.


Choosing the right size DC-DC charger for your boat?

Almost all outboard motors built in the last 20 years with an electric start have an alternator or stator that charges the start battery and provides some surplus current to run accessories and charge a house battery. Why have a separate House Battery from the start Battery? This concept has


Is your Lithium Battery in Balance?

Lithium Batteries packs are different to AGM in the way they are manufactured and designed. Let’s get a few of the terms on the table before we begin. Then we can discuss one of features of the BMS, which is Balancing Cells Cells are the individual building blocks for Lithium

Looking for a battery charger with a free battery power box? Order one (1) CS Free Charger + 75AH Standard Power Battery and receive one (1) battery box for FREE! 

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