CTEK 20 Amp Off-Road Charging System

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New CTEK Off Road 20A Charging System: includes CTEK D250SA and System Monitor


This system is designed especially for the Australian market and people who love off road adventure.


This off road system will charge your adventure. It’s great for powering your fridge, camp lights, radio or keeping your portable devices ready to go. If you use the CTEK 20A Charging System, you can be sure your food will stay cool, your music keeps playing, and the technology lovers are happy.

Part of the system, the CTEK D250 Dual uses your vehicle's alternator to charge your 12V batteries while you drive, so people can spend less time worrying about power and more time enjoying the adventure.


In addition to alternator-based charging, the D250SA has a dedicated solar input for campsite charging. That way, once you have found the perfect site, you can attach your solar panels and use the sun to deliver more energy.

The CTEK D250SA is fully automatic; the five-stage charger supplies 20A to all batteries of 40-300Ah and is IP65 classified (splash and dust proof). CTEK System Monitor, this monitor can calculate your Amp hour draw and voltage, the state of charge, the power you have remaining, and it will even tell you how much power you are using.


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