Crack open a cold one

After a fun-filled day of adventuring, there’s nothing better than relaxing with an icy cold beverage. But for mobile adventurers, a fridge to keep those bevies chilled in will often compete with other electrical appliances – not only for battery power, but for sockets too.

With the new BAINTECH Ciga/Digital Voltage Meter Socket by Bainbridge Technologies, you can run your fridge and other appliances, while also monitoring your battery voltage – so you can ensure that drink will be chilled, not warm, at the end of the day.

Michael Tyrell, MD of Bainbridge Technologies, points out “There is simply no other product like this in the market today. For under $100 you get a voltage meter and multiple sockets that are easy-to-install, water proof, suitable for even the harshest weather conditions and backlit so you can even read the meter in the dark.”

Available as single digital voltage meters or dual sockets in a huge range including Cigarette Lighter Sockets, Merit Cigarette Lighter Sockets, Engel Fridge Sockets and Dual Digital Meter Sockets, the choice of appliances to bring along is up to you.

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