Contemporary Camping with No Power Stress

Modern day camping means getting away from it all – but still having it all. Computers, TVs, mobile phones, lights, fridges, microwaves, even hair dryers come along on contemporary camping trips.

Until recently, I camped in a constant state of power stress. I wondered if our power would last until we could connect to mains again; I never knew when my batteries might die; I was anxious about power surges damaging my computer; even figuring out how to plug all our appliances in was a worry.

Finally, I discovered an end-to-end power solution that gives me peace of mind. Successfully implemented in Complete Campsite camper trailers (the winners of CamperTrailer Magazine’s Offroad Camper of the Year 2009), the products are all supplied by Bainbridge Technologies, and they’re easy to DIY install.

Here’s how I eliminate my contemporary camping power stress:

  1. I charge my batteries while I drive with a CTEK D250s Dual
    This 12V 20A DC to DC charger automatically charges and conditions my batteries while I drive, so they’re always in great shape and ready to go when I stop to camp.
  2.  I keep my batteries charged and conditioned when onsite with a CTEK M300 25A charger
    This 8-step charger automatically conditions, charges and monitors. When I get where I’m going, I plug in to mains or generator power and get charged up quickly. The foolproof monitoring lets me forget about my batteries and never risk overcharging.
  3. I protect my sensitive electronic equipment with a Sinergex Pure Sine 150 watt converter
    I’m confident of smooth, consistent, worry-free power for appliances like my TV and laptop. Power surges are a thing of the past, and my sensitive electronic equipment is protected.
  4. I get rid of bothersome spaghetti cords with a Baintech Fuse Block
    I plug up to 6 appliances into this one neat, tidy, fuse block. If any of the appliances have power problems, it’s easy to figure out which circuit is playing up.
  5. I always know how much power I have left, thanks to a Victron BMV Battery Monitor
    All the vital statistics of my battery are monitored, and I have total power peace of mind. No more wondering if I have to charge today or if I can afford to wait until tomorrow. No more blackouts just when I need power the most!

Bainbridge Technologies makes it easy to self install this power solution. Check our Youtube video that steps you through DIY installation.

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