Connect with adventure: take more appliances on your next getaway

Do you plan to go camping on your next big adventure? It would be great to really rough it, but camping isn’t what it used to be. These days, when you take off in your 4WD, you need to power fridges, lights, GPS, smartphones, and perhaps even the kids’ iPods.

With everyone’s appliances using different plugs – from engel to merit, ciga and USBs – the standard ciga socket in your 4WD just isn’t going to cut it. Suddenly, your plans for a simple getaway become more complicated. You’ll be hard pressed to charge your mobile without upsetting someone at camp and be worried that a flat battery will stop you dead in your tracks.

To give you a stress free break, the technical team at Bainbridge Technologies have put together a solution, the Baintech Power Panel range. They are DIY easy install power panels with multiple sockets and different combinations of ciga, merit, engel and USB outlets.  These panels will easily keep all your appliances connected – so everyone’s happy.

Managing your power usage is easy

Baintech panels have an LCD backlit volt meter and the power in your battery is safeguarded with an auto low voltage disconnect feature. That means you don’t have the worry of a flat battery on your next big adventure.

Protecting your appliances is effortless

With fuse circuit protection, you can feel comfortable your appliances are protected against damage.  The panels are as rough and tough as any of your adventures, cased in hard anodized aluminium to ensure they don’t rust.

Meeting your needs is straightforward

To help you choose a winning combination for your 4WD and make sure you can run all of your appliances for next trip away here’s a handy guide to our panels and their features.

Baintech Universal Power Panel

The versatile, surface mounted, Baintech Universal Power Panel is suitable for a range of vehicles.  It can power up multiple devices with a range of socket configurations.  You can even choose a socket combination that’s right for you:

  • BTUPB4.0 – 1 ciga & 2 merit sockets
  • BTUPB5.0 – 1 ciga, 1 engel & 1 dual USB sockets
  • BTUPB6.0 – 1 ciga, 1 merit & 1 dual USB sockets

Hard mount the Universal Power Panel at the rear of your 4WD, mount it on the dash or top of a drawer system.  You can even turn it into a thumper pack at a camp site with the universal panel connected via an Anderson plug and hang it on the top bracket of a tent pole to run lights or other devices.


Baintech DC Distribution Panel

The flush mounted Distribution Panel looks smart, sitting flush on your dash or in the rear of your vehicle. Perfect to power up your fridge from the rear draw, it comes with 4 on/off switches so you can control each socket individually and use the fourth switch as you wish.

Like the Baintech Universal Power Panel simply choose from a range of socket combinations to power up a variety of devices at the same time.

  • BTCP004R -2 ciga & 1 dual USB sockets
  • BTCP005R -1 ciga, 1 engel & 1 dual USB sockets
  • BTCP006R -1 merit & 2 ciga sockets

The flush mounted Distribution Panel has an extra switch which is great for an internal auxiliary light, fan, switching an external relay that may power large devices, lights, water pumps, air compressors, fans and actuators.

Baintech GU Patrol Panel

Our custom designed GU Patrol Panel clips directly into the existing rear panel of the Nissan GU model delivering a merit socket, 2 x standard ciga sockets, an Engel fridge power socket and 1 x 20 Amp push button circuit breaker. Simply remove the factory trim and the secure the panel with the GU’s original retainer clips.

Baintech 4 Switch Panel

Baintech also make a simple flush mounted Baintech Switch which can easily be installed into the rear trim of your 4WD or into an ARB or TJM draw.  It comes with four handy switches to directly turn small auxiliary appliances (or relays) on and off.

Baintech LandCruiser Panel

The Baintech Landcruiser Panel is  custom made for Toyota Landcruiser 100 and 80 series. Fitted with a 50 Amp Isolator switch, 1 analogue volt meter, 1  analogue amp meter, 2 ciga sockets, 1 merit socket & 1 engel socket

To learn more about how Baintech Power Panels can help you connect more appliances on your next big adventure visit

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