Complete battery management without mains power

It’s not always convenient to connect to mains power when you’re out in the field working. But the last thing you want to worry about is dead batteries stopping you from getting your work done. So how can you keep your batteries not only charged, but also in optimum condition, without mains power?

The CTEK D250S Dual DC–DC Smart Charger is designed to charge, maintain and condition your batteries using your alternator power, solar power, or both. So you can spend your time getting work done instead of waiting around for your batteries to charge; and you can save money on battery replacements by keeping your batteries in great condition.

The new CTEK D250S Dual is simple and versatile

Any vehicle with a dual battery system will benefit from the convenience and cost-savings of the CTEK D250S Dual. With 2 DC inputs – one for alternator power and one for solar power – While you’re on the move the Dual uses your alternator to charge your batteries, then when your engine is off the CTEK D250S Dual switches to solar power.

The simplicity of the CTEK D250S Dual is what makes it so versatile, too: it doesn’t need heavy gauge wiring; it can be easily DIY installed; it doesn’t require a solar regulator; and you don’t need to buy a VCR.

Don’t let dead batteries stop you from getting work done with the CTEK D250S Dual

The CTEK D250S Dual gives you the freedom and flexibility to keep your batteries charged and in optimum condition without having to connect to mains power. Don’t wait until dead batteries stop you from getting your work done. Let a CTEK charger give you peace of mind that your batteries will be charged, conditioned and powered up when you need them.

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