CTEK's Comfort Connect Range


CTEK's Range of intelligent battery chargers are complimented by the fantastic CTEK Comfort Connect range. With a wide variety of accessories, there's bound to be one which suits your needs.

Comfort Indicator Eyelet Comfort Indicator – eyelet
A practical combination of quick connector and indicator for those with batteries that are difficult to access. The indicator shows the battery’s charge level simply and clearly. The eyelet terminals are fitted to the battery, giving effortless connection without the need of actually reaching the battery.
Comfort Indicator Panel Comfort Indicator – panel
This is a quick connector and indicator especiallydeveloped for panel mounting. The indicator clearly and simply shows the battery charge level. The charger is connected to the socket on the panel, which makes charging convenient, practical and straightforward. Mount the panel and route the cable to the battery. Comfort Indicator – panel is available with two different cable lengths. Many vehiclepanels have extra space on the panel, which can be used for this model.
Comfort Connect Clamp Comfort Indicator – clamp
This quick connector and indicator are connected to the battery with clamps. This makes it practical for those looking for a portable indicator and quick connector, for example, those with several vehicles to check or in a workshop.
Comfort Connect Eyelet Comfort Connect – eyelet
A practical quick connector for those with batteries that are difficult to access or are hidden. The eyelet terminals are fitted to the battery, giving effortless connection without the need of actually reaching the battery. Comfort Connect – eyelet is available in three different sizes for different battery terminal sizes.
Comfort Connect Cig Plug Comfort Connect – cig-plug
This is a quick connector for truly trouble-free charging. The battery is charged through the vehicle’s 12-volt socket (previously called the cigarette lighter socket). This is a universal model that fits both 12 mm and 21 mm sockets.
Comfort Connect Cig Socket Comfort Connect – cig-socket
This accessory makes the battery available as a power source for extra electronic equipment such as a GPS, mobile phone and small heaters. The secondary connection is a universal female connector suitable for all standard, 12- volt male connectors.

Between September and November we are giving away 1500 CTEK Comfort Indicator Eyelets when you purchase either a CTEK MXS10 or CTEK MXS7.0.
Offer Valid for the first 1500 only, while stocks last.

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