Choosing the Right 4X4 Cranking Battery

Tough batteries for 4WDs and Trucks. New Battery Range for Baintech

Not to be confused with an auxiliary battery – your starting battery or cranking battery is measured by Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) – which means the amount of power the battery can deliver to start your vehicles engine. The higher the CCA rating the better suited for 4X4 and Truck use vs. a small four-cylinder sedan.

How to choose the right battery for your 4X4

For something like a turbo-diesel – you’d look for a battery with a CCA rating upwards of 600 Cold Cranking Amps, this provides enough of an energy supply to turn over a large engine for those few starting seconds.

Battery Checklist

  • Correct CCA for your vehicle size (Check with our expert team)
  • Size / space of your battery tray / under bonnet space

Our Maintenance Free Battery Range

Choosing the Right 4X4 Cranking Battery
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Click here for the cranking battery specifications

Choosing the Right 4X4 Cranking Battery

Maintaining your battery

Starter batteries should be treated differently to your deep cycle batteries, particularly when it comes to charging and maintaining. Different to deep cycle batteries – you shouldn’t discharge or flatten your starter battery as they aren’t designed to draw power over long periods of time.

Top tips for battery health

Clean battery terminals to prevent corrosion. CYCLO Battery Protect prevents corrosion on terminals and brackets

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