Charge your portable power

Having portable power at your campsite gives you the utmost freedom. You can reach into the fridge and pull out a coldie, have the perfect light set-up for cooking at night, or charge your tablet devices to keep the kids occupied if you’re not at a powered site.

Systems like the Baintech PowerTop, a dynamic plug-and play system that gives you the power of a 12V 100Ah gel battery (without the installation hassles), are becoming increasingly popular. That’s because 4WDers and campers want portable, complete power systems for off grid holidays.

However, batteries aren’t infinite sources of power and all the demands of modern camping make battery failure a real risk. The good news is that if you keep your batteries in top shape, well maintained and charged, they will last longer, deliver outstanding value and you’ll get more power for more good times on your holiday.

Charging your portable power pack

Charging your portable power pack – using an AC or DC charger – gives you the keys to power that’s ready to go anywhere, anytime. If you take a product like the CTEK D250S Dual and couple it with the Baintech PowerTop you can charge your battery to 100% capacity, get quicker charging times and more efficient solar charging because of the D250S Dual’s MPPT solar terminal. It’s as simple as plugging the CTEK D250S Dual from the starter battery to the Grey Anderson plug on the PowerTop. If you have the D250S Dual installed in your vehicle you have the added bonus of being able to charge your batteries using solar when you are at camp; and using your alternator for fast charging on the road.

You may also consider purchasing a charger like the CTEK MXS10 or the Keepower Large. These 8-step chargers will optimise and extend the life of your batteries. With reconditioning functions for deeply discharged batteries, they deliver all round battery support.

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