Charge-up your travel plans for a Sterling good time!

As the weather cools down, you could head north to chase the Sun, or brave the cold and enjoy the scenery of New South Wales, Victoria or Tasmania. Any trip away in your RV or caravan will be a good one… if you have enough power to meet your needs. Don’t suffer battery failure! Charge-up your travel plans before you leave by investing in a Sterling Power Pro Charge Ultra. You’ll enjoy abundant reliable power to run every modern convenience when you’re away.

The ultimate battery charger for powering one, two or even three battery banks and for free camping; the heavy-duty Pro Charge Ultra offers you the ultimate in quality and reliability.

Extreme Performance!

The Sterling Power Pro Charge Ultra increases the efficiency of the PCU from about 65% (typical non-power-factor-corrected charger) to greater than 90% efficiency! That means it needs less power input to charge.

Smart Design!

With a sleek, compact and lightweight design the Pro Charge Ultra doesn’t waste space or add excessive weight to your RV’s load and its noise-reducing variable fan means you’ll get a good night’s sleep!

This charger features a 32 LED panel, 2 digital meters for current and voltage, a power meter to show what power’s left and an optional remote control. For added convenience the Pro Charge Ultra incorporates pre-programmed settings for 11 types of batteries, including lead acid, AGM, GEL and more.

Superior Safety!

Safety comes first for Sterling and this charger features an automatic shut-off in the event of a processor failure; it is splash proof with IP22 protection, has an anti-corrosive casing and a massive input range (90-270v, 40-70Hz) for safe, reliable power you can trust.

With automatic desulphation and anti-stratification programs to keep your batteries in top condition – and a two year warranty – you’ll have the best peace of mind.

To learn more about how the Sterling Power Pro Charge Ultra will keep you powered up and on-the-go during your next trip watch our video or contact our technical team to design a power system for your vehicles.

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