Charge on with the waterproof Sterling Power Pro Sport 5!

The mission is straightforward – get out on the water and enjoy the good times. Don’t miss out on your fishing trip because you’re stranded at the boat ramp. Don’t be caught on the water with a flat battery.

If your trailer boat is stored outdoors the robust Sterling Power ProSport 5 is the ideal maintenance charger; with an IP68 rating (100% waterproof for fresh and salt water). Its durable, one-piece housing protects the charger from the elements, preventing moisture damage.

The all-weather, ultra-reliable Sterling Power ProSport 5, is a 5 amp, fully automatic, 4-stage, marine battery charger that is ideal for charging 12 volt lead-acid batteries (flooded and gel) up to 50 amp-hours. Safe for use in the outdoors, you won’t have to delay your trip and spend money prematurely replacing your battery.

This affordable maintenance charger includes a “Float” mode that keeps your battery in top condition and charged to its maximum capacity so you’ll always be ready to get out on the water.  It can be left on indefinitely without harming or overcharging your battery.

Extremely convenient, you can simply “set and forget” the Sterling Power ProSport 5. Plug it in and this charger does the rest of the work; charging and maintaining your battery to prolong its lifespan.  It also features easy-to-view LED indicators that show you the charging status at a glance.

For your peace of mind the Sterling Power ProSport 5 comes with a two-year warranty.

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