Charge multiple battery chemistries at once with a Sterling new product!

Bainbridge Technologies has released the innovative new Sterling Power Battery Chemistry Module to transform the way you charge battery banks with different chemistries.

Transform the way your charge!
If you’ve upgraded your existing bank of batteries to start the engine or house bank; you may face problems charging two different battery chemistries with one charger.

Incorrect charging can lead to under or overcharging your batteries, a flat bank of batteries or shortened battery life spans. It’s critical to perform the best battery maintenance to save replacement costs and avoid the danger in high seas.

The Sterling Power Battery Chemistry Module will transform the way you charge batteries. It can charge two or more battery banks with different chemistries, helping to extend the life of your batteries and deliver a sea of savings.

Want a Sterling docking experience?
If you want to dock like a pro, you may be considering a new bow thruster. They are great for maneuverability, but many bow thrusters require 24V.

The Sterling Power Battery Chemistry Module takes the input voltage from your battery charger and boosts your power to suit 24V charging; it also eliminates voltage drop over long distances. This versatile charger has nine selectable battery chemistries (such as FLA, SLA, AGM, Gel, Calcium, LiFePO4). It’s IP68 classified (IP65 fan) and works for both 12v and 24v batteries.

The Sterling Power Battery Chemistry Module (BCM) is:

  • Smart – it converts any single stage charger into a multi-stage charger
  • Easy to install – you don’t need to pay a marine electrician. Just connect the BCM to your battery charger via the positive and negative cables
  • Easy to use – the BCM has a LED charge and warning information panel to make your life easier

Watch a video to learn more about how the Sterling BCM helps you simultaneously charge batteries with different chemistries below

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