Any trip away in your RV or caravan will be a good one… if you have enough power to meet your needs.

The caravan or motorhome is packed. You're filled with a sense of anticipation about your next adventure. Life on the road is terrific, but to guarantee the good times you must have absolute confidence in your batteries' performance. This means investing in a reliable intelligent battery charger to keep your batteries in top condition.

With modern camping being so much more than just a swag, an eski and a torch, the ability to run 240V appliances from home can add even more luxury to your campsite.Inverters allow you to run 240V electrical appliances away from home and even in remote locations by converting the stored direct current (DC) power from your 4WD's battery into alternating power (AC) which is the kind you get from your power points at home.

If your better half needs her smartphone and you have to fire up the tablet to keep the grandkids entertained, how are you also supposed to keep the fridge up and running so you're guaranteed a cold one once you reach your destination? With so many 12V devices competing for the attention of your dashboard outlet these days, you need a convenient pre-wired panel to ensure you can plug in everything you need.

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