• XANTREX Prowatt SW 700i 12 Volt Inverter

XANTREX Prowatt SW 700i 12 Volt Inverter

  • Brand: XANTREX
  • Product Code: XPW700
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The XANTREX PROwatt SW Pure Sine Inverter Series features pure sine wave 230V AC output.

The PROwatt SW Series has a high surge capability and can provide the necessary current to for demanding electrical loads.

The XANTREX PROwatt SW Series inverters offer an affordable alternative to modified sine wave inverters. Featuring clean sine wave power to protect your electronics,when equipped with a remote control, the PROwatt SW Series has the ability to provide automatic ignition lockout shutting down the inverter's output when the vehicle's ignition is not engaged, and protecting your battery from being drained unecessarily.

Compact, easy to use and easy to install, the design of the PROwatt SW Series makes it ideal for your RV, boat or commercial truck. With Pure Sine-Wave output, the PROwatt SW Series is suitable to power a range of appliances including: variable speed power tools, advanced electrical appliances, microwaves and much more.


  • Built-in digital display for DC volts and output power
  • Heavy duty terminals for trouble-free battery connection
  • Available ON/OFF remote switch (with ignition lockout)
  • Two year warranty
  • Low voltage shutdown (10.5 Vdc)
  • Low voltage alarm (11.0 Vdc)
  • Over voltage protection (15.5 Vdc)
  • Overload shutdown
  • Over temperature shutdown

Choosing the right size

Some appliances need more initial power to start up than what their product label stipulates; so you’ll need to consider the start-up load in your calculations. For non-inductive loads - that is - things such as lights, radios and small phone chargers - a general rule is to go at least 20% higher, as it’s very common for owners to select an inverter that is too small for their application. 


For example, if you want to run a laptop (150W) and an LCD TV (250W) at the same time you would select an inverter around 500 Watts. (150W + 250W) + 20% = 480W). If you want to run a hair dryer or a coffee machine, you will benefit from a hefty high-frequency inverter capable of some 2,000 or more watts.

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