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on Monday, 20 January 2020. Posted in Business, Leisure

Bainbridge Technologies Join Forces with ESSA

Bainbridge Technologies are proud sponsors of Endangered Species Supporters Australia (ESSA). ESSA was founded by Brisbane local, Kevin Hughes. Over the past 12 months, Kevin has planned and formed the Endangered Species Supporters Australia (EESA) with the assistance of family, friends, and sponsors.

Kevin’s focus is awareness, on how critical some of Australia’s species are heading towards extinction. He hopes to convey the message to as many people as possible through his journey around Australia.

Baintech 300watt solar blanket ESSA

Kevin approached Bainbridge seeking a donation of power products and accessories to power his caravan. His power requirements meant he needed a system with enough capability to run air-conditioning, and on-board equipment such as blenders and fridges, all while withstanding the harshest and most remote conditions.

ESSA Bainbridge Technologies Endangered Species Supporters

The in-house team at Bainbridge retrofitted Kevin’s caravan with a Multi-Plus Inverter, Solar Panels, in-vehicle Dc-Dc charging, as well as a range of accessories and an emergency Baintech BT18 Jump Starter.

Kevin’s journey will involve travelling to as many parts of Australia as possible over a four-year time frame, ensuring people from all walks of life are aware of the critical numbers of some of Australia’s wonderful species.

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