Battery trays that get you back to your good times sooner

When you leave the bitumen behind and hit the road less travelled, you need a dual battery system. Whether it’s to power an electric winch, to keep your bevvies chilled in a 12v fridge or for peace of mind in case your primary battery dies, an auxiliary battery is essential for your off-road adventures. And so is a hard-wearing battery tray to keep your auxiliary battery safe and secure.

But who wants to take time away from adventuring to muck around with complicated and time consuming battery tray installation? Baintech knows you’ve got better things to do with your time. That’s why we’ve developed battery trays that are designed specifically to simplify installation.

Baintech’s battery trays are exclusively tailored for select 4WDs. They’re essentially ‘off the rack’ which means you can install them yourself simply and quickly. In fact, if items need to be moved for installation – which can happen in today’s complex 4WDs – we even provide new brackets for those items so the installation has no impact on the original operation of your treasured 4WD.

Baintech’s battery trays are tough, durable and long-lasting, too. They are Australian made – designed to survive off-road adventuring anywhere in our country’s wide-ranging terrain; they’re strong enough keep your battery in place no matter how rough and ready your driving is; and they’re zinc plated – so they’ll resist corrosion even in the wettest, saltiest environments.

Baintech battery trays are custom made for these select 4WDs:

  • Toyota Hilux D4D
  • Toyota Prado 120 series (petrol or diesel)
  • Mazda BT50
  • Ford Ranger
  • Nissan Patrol GU 4.2L / 3L diesel

If you want a heavy duty battery tray that you can install quickly, Baintech’s ‘off the rack’ battery trays are the way to go…so you can get back to your good times sooner!

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