Battery to Battery Charging for your Boat


If you are like most keen fishermen out chasing your next catch, then your tinnie is kitted out with 2 motors: a petrol start motor and a Minn Kota, Watersnake or other electric motor. Many saltwater sports fishermen are also now equipping themselves with electric motors to give themselves that fishing edge.

As you trawl around following the fish from one prime fishing spot to another, you’re faced with a dilemma – how can you keep your electronic motor powered up so you can stay out longer and can catch more fish?

Battery to Battery Charging for your Boat

The solution to safely staying out on the water longer, avoiding dead batteries, and reeling in a bigger load of fish, is the Sterling Pro Charge B (DC to DC) Charger. The beauty of battery to battery charging is that you can charge your auxiliary battery whilst you drive or cruise along.

The Pro Charge B is compatible with six types of batteries, AGM, gel, seal lead acid, flooded lead acid and LiFePo4. It has a 300W profile with output of 12V/24V/36V/48V and input of 12V/24V.

The Pro Charge B is a fully epoxy encapsulated, plug and play, battery to battery charger. It is primarily designed to be put between the starter battery and an appliance battery (trolling / bow thruster /domestic). The charger puts a load on the alternator and converts that load into a 4-stage charging profile to provide fast and effective charging to the leisure batteries.

Charging your battery with a fishing rod in-hand, the STERLING Pro Charge B weatherproof casing is perfect for marine use. IP68, totally waterproof, fully encapsulated and can be submerged in water.

Not only does the Pro Charge B connect the 12V starter battery to the trolling motor bank it also chargers them at their correct voltage scale and profile. This encourages the alternator to work at a much higher capacity and results in faster charge between fishing stops and better maintenance of your trolling motor batteries.

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