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110Ah Baintech PowerTop


Download the 110Ah GEL User Manual

1. How do I charge the Power Top when the battery is dead?
You have to charge the Power Top through an external charger through the Grey Anderson plug. The CTEK MXS15 (CT15000/12) is the recommended charger for the Power Top.
2. Can I jump-start my car from the PowerTop?
The PowerTop is not designed to jump-start a car. The unit has a 50amp current limit inside which is not enough to jump-start a vehicle.
3. Can I charge from an external ciga-socket fitted in my car?
This is not recommended as the PowerTop start-up charger may blow the fuse in the ciga-socket. However, some vehicles have ciga plugs rated up to 15amp, if they are rated this high it can be charged with it.
4. Do you have diagrams for the Anderson plugs?
All diagrams to do with the Anderson plugs can be found in the user manual in the charging section. It will show the application of each Anderson plug.
5. Do they have a solar power regulator?
Yes, the internal solar regulator is using a voltage control relay system.
                Solar panel unregulated = Red
                Solar panel regulated = Grey
6. Why does it flick between boost and float while charging?
This is standard operation on the 2nd and 3rd model. The lights are regulated by voltage which toggles towards the end of the charge cycle. The toggling happens when the battery is almost fully charged.
7. Can I use the sockets on the front if I am charging?
No, using the sockets at the front while charging through the 240v socket will result in the battery not charging, and draining through use. However, one can do so if you use an external charger (around 15amps) plugged into the Grey Anderson socket, or a larger solar panel (at least 150 watts or bigger) plugged into the Red Anderson socket. Either will supply enough current to sustain battery charging while using appliances.
8. How do I connect my dual to the PowerTop?
The electronics in the blue socket are different and the CTEK 250SA needs to connect straight across the internal battery which is accessed through the Grey socket.
9. How do I stop the alarm going off?
You can’t other than keeping the battery charged up. The alarm goes off at 12.0 volts or less. Ideally you should not drain the battery below 12.4 volts DC to get the best life from it.
10. What is the max temperature the Power Top can withstand?
Temps up to 50° C however this is not recommended for long periods of time. This also applies to freezing temperatures.
11. What is the highest voltage the Power Top will reach?
14.2 volts is usually the maximum voltage your PowerTop will reach.
12. Does the Power Top come with a VSR (Voltage Sensitive Relay)?
No but it does have a High and Low Voltage Alarm. It will start at 12 volts.
13. Is the PowerTop battery replaceable?
Yes, contact Bainbridge when a replacement is required : 1300 224 683
14. Can I remove the screws and open up the PowerTop?
No, the PowerTop is designed to be a self-contained unit, removing any screws voids the warranty of the unit.

Battery Voltage Table

powertop voltage table




Keeping Your Battery Healthy

To maintain healthy batteries, you must be able to replace the power you’ve drawn. Starting with fully-charged batteries after your drive to camp is best, and being conscious of your power draw throughout the day is essential to avoid killing your batteries. It’s important to remember that although your battery may be rated at 100amphour, exceeding a depth-of-discharge beyond 50% won’t do it any good. For a 100 amp-hour battery, you should base your amp draw calculations off a 50 amp-hour of useable capacity. If you have a 200 amp-hour battery, then the 50% D.o.D is 100 amp-hour of useable capacity. 50 amp-hours of usable capacity would mean that you could discharge 1 amp of current for 50 hours, or 10 amps for 5 hours, 6 amps for 8.3 hours – all depending on the amp draw of your accessories.

Optional Accessories

150 Watt Inverter - plug into the PowerTop Ciga socket for AC power.

The BAINTECH 150W Power Inverter gives you access to AC power wherever you need it. The modified sinewave inverter converts Direct Current (DC) electricity from a battery to Alternating Current (AC) electricity which is the standard utility power you find at home. Your BAINTECH 150W Power Inverter can be used with accessories such as smart phones, laptops, camera chargers, toy and drone chargers, shavers, small power tools and more. It also has three fast charging USB ports delivering 5V, up to 5.0A current to small phones and iPads.

Baintuff 180 Watt Solar Blanket

Go off-grid with the Baintech 180w Monocrystalline Sunpower Solar Blanket. Designed to charge your PowerTop, this lightweight and compact blanket will produce up to 10A in optimal conditions. Plug straight into your PowerTop for an off-grid, portable, solution!

DC Anderson Plug Splitter Cable

Using the Baintech parallel cable with the Baintech PowerTop allows you to utilise power in and power out via the PowerTop’s grey Anderson output. For example: connect your fridge and regulated solar via the PowerTop’s grey Anderson socket or charge your Baintech PowerTop via Dc-Dc charging and run your fridge while on the move.


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