NEW Baintech PowerTop V2 Feature

When going off-grid, having quick access to information on how your equipment is performing is critical. Which is why the PowerTop V2 is engineered with smart metering to include real time battery information.


With an easy to read LCD monitor, the V2 meter displays your PowerTop voltage, Amps in and Amps out.

PowerTop Voltage (v)

The PowerTop has a built-in volt meter with illuminated LCD screen giving you real time voltage readings of your battery.

Charge Amp Meter (A+)

Displays charging current to the PowerTop battery from the inbuilt charger (AC), vehicle (via BLUE Anderson only for conventional alternators) or unregulated solar (RED Anderson). Monitor in real time how many amps your solar is producing to charge the PowerTop.

Discharge Amp Meter (A-)

Displays discharge current from CIGA & ENGEL sockets. Monitor in real time how many amps your fridge and accessories are drawing.

NEW Baintech PowerTop V2 Featur

Equipped with low and high voltage alarms, users can closely monitor the status of the PowerTop. The low voltage alarm alerts you to when the PowerTop battery is getting too low, so you can disconnect non-essential accessories to preserve remaining power, or immediately connect to a charging source to keep powering your essentials.

THE POWERTOP VERSION 2 is a dynamic plug-and-play system that features a 12V 135Ah AGM battery and built-in three-way charging that makes operation smooth and easy. With the growing popularity of free camping, it was important to design a portable system with off-grid capability. The PowerTop features a heavy duty 50A Anderson socket output, dual USB ports, two Engel and two Ciga sockets – ready to power anything from a laptop to a fridge.

A 15A thermal self-resettable breaker is designed to protect the sockets and a 50A self resettable breaker to protect the Anderson output so safety is assured. With direct solar connection via an Anderson plug, the PowerTop V2 offers a simple plug and play solution to going off grid. Being portable, it means there is no installation time. There’s also no hassle trying to fit a second battery in your engine bay, which is a huge advantage, especially on some modern 4WDs that have very limited space under the bonnet. It’s a portable battery pack that does everything a hard-wired dual battery system can do, and then some.

The PowerTop V2 is exclusively available in-store at selected retailers.
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