Baintech PowerTop: more power to explore

If you have the heart of an explorer, our magnificent country has wilderness on tap, just waiting for you. You can take off in your 4WD, camper trailer, RV or caravan and travel across Australia, but it’s a mighty tough country to be “off the grid” without a reliable source of power. To have the convenience of lights, fans, radios and maybe a DVD player when you set up camp, you’re going to need more power to enjoy the good times on offer.

Bainbridge Technologies are experts in power systems, and they’ve come up with a dynamic plug-and-play portable power system. The Baintech PowerTop houses a 12V, 100Ah gel battery with a built-in three-way charger.

With the PowerTop, you’re able to connect different devices with different style plugs, all at the same time. On top of inputs for Ciga, Engel and USB plugs, this portable power solution also features the Baintech LockOn socket. The socket secures important loads to keep your plugs from vibrating out of the socket over rough or corrugated tracks; especially handy if you decide to power your fridge for a short trip!

It’s vital to charge your batteries and with a solar input, the Baintech PowerTop gives you the freedom to charge from the sun. With charging inputs for AC mains or DC power, it’s simple and easy to stay charged!

Built for tough conditions, the Baintech PowerTop is ready to go right “off the shelf” with no install or wiring required.

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