Bainbridge Technologies keeps you on the road with Jumpspower

If you’ve embarked on the journey of a lifetime, the last thing you need to ruin the trip in your RV or caravan is the frustrating and potentially dangerous situation of a flat cranking battery in any of your vehicles.

Traditionally, a vehicle battery jump starter was a lead-acid battery with built in jumper cables, handy for roadside assistance, but not practical to carry around in your vehicle for emergencies. Where you’re headed, roadside assistance may not be nearby. Now, there’s a new solution in compact battery jump starter packs.

powerbank jumpstarter amg6S iphone

Bainbridge Technologies has recently discovered the JumpsPower Lithium Jump Starter series, this little beauty is more than just a battery charger. It’s an all in one device, jumpstarter, power bank and torch that will help you avoid unexpected delays.

If you’re stuck on the side of the road, you can simply grab the Jumpspower from your glove box, hook it up, and start your vehicle. You’ll be back on the road in your RV or caravan in no time. The Jumpspower is useful at home and away. It has an LED torch for your convenience and can charge you iPhone in under an hour.

JumpsPower Lithium Jump StarterRelying on lithium ion batteries, the JumpsPower Lithium Jump Starters are powerful units that can crank your vehicle battery in seconds and on more than one occasion (up to 10 times for 6A model & up to 30 times for 15A model) on a full charge.

It also provides quick charging of accessories through a 5V USB outlet and is safe to use with dual reverse polarity protection and the peace of mind of a 12 month warranty.

JumpsPower Lithium Jump Starter series features:

  • Compact and light design – small enough to fit in your glovebox
  •  3 devices in one unit – works as a jumpstarter, a powerbank and a torch
  • Quickly jump starts a flat 12V battery powered vehicle in just a few seconds
  •  Built-in LED emergency light
  • Dual Reverse Polarity Protection and over-charge/over-discharge protection

• 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

As power systems experts at Bainbridge Technologies we work to provide solutions to create the best 12V power systems. We’ll be bringing more innovate products to market including the new Jumpspower AMG6S.

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