Bainbridge Technologies deliver an innovative distribution power module

From buses to trucks and emergency vehicles, today’s demand for technology, safety, connectivity and comfort means that OEMs must look for new solutions to manage power in vehicles.

Bainbridge Technologies bring you the innovative Prolec Bussmann 15400 RFRM Distribution Power Module. This exciting new all-in-one unit accepts plug-in fuses, relays, circuit breakers, resistors and diodes to deliver safe and reliable power management.

From pumps to medical equipment, lights, sophisticated communication and satellite equipment, the Prolec Bussmann 15400 RFRM Distribution Power Module is the ultimate fuse and relay solution.

Suitable for 12v and 24v DC systems, this rugged module is water and dust proof (IP66) so it can operate in harsh environments. With multiple internal bussing options (no bussing, single bussing, dual bussing) it allows for countless OEM wiring requirements.

The Prolec Bussmann 15400 RFRM Distribution Power Module takes up less space and because it’s easy to wire it is faster to install. Its depth provides versatility by accepting a combination of up to 40 fuses or circuit breakers and ten relays.

Importantly, it protects electrical accessories and vehicles delivering the ultimate in safety for your customers.

For more information on the innovative new Prolec Bussmann 15400 RFRM Distribution Power Module, please visit

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