Bainbridge Technologies brings you seamless off grid EasySolar

From eucalyptus forest to sandy bays, Australia has a depth of unexplored beauty waiting for you to discover in your caravan, RV or boat. To enjoy the conveniences of home like boiling the kettle, having a steamy shower or a cold beer, when you travel, you need to get off grid with more power!

Integrated and smart this power solution delivers uninterrupted and reliable power by combining the force of ultra-fast MPPT solar charging, with an inverter/charger and AC power distribution, all in one unit.

Combined with your solar panels, battery storage or generator you can enjoy the freedom and independence of energy anywhere, anytime. The EasySolar is powerful enough to form part of a comprehensive off-grid solution that will take you anywhere from the Kimberley to Cape York.

Pre-wired for easy installation the Victron EasySolar delivers:

Ultra-fast energy from the sun

The Blue Solar MPPT100/50 allows you to connect up to three strings of PV panels to the Victron EasySolar for maximum use of solar power generated from the sun.

Triple-decker power

The EasySolar’s inverter/charger is extremely versatile and gives you more power options. You can charge your batteries by using power from the sun( solar), power from the grid or power from your generator when it suits you!

Smart solutions

The Victron EasySolar has PowerAssist technology, which protects the utility or generator supply from being overloaded
by adding extra inverter power when needed. With unique solar application software, you can even configure the system for various grid-interactive or stand-alone applications.

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