Bainbridge's Moreton Island Adventure (Part 5)

Recently Bainbridge Technologies gave one lucky winner and his 5 mates a 4WD adventure on Moreton Island. The trip was run by Xdrive, and here’s an accounting of their adventure! Words by Stephen Stephen Haughey from Xdrive.

Sunday, was a little better, the wind from the previous night had dropped and the rain had eased up. Once again the wet sand was easy going for the vehicles and so after packing up we headed back towards Tangalooma

Moreton Island Adventure (Part 5)Todd and the guys wanted to try a spot of fishing so we stopped off at the wrecks to give the fishing a go. Fawzie decided that he wanted to give snorkelling on the wrecks a try and so donned his wetsuits and mask and snorkel and entered the water. The swim across to the wrecks did not look far from a spectator’s point of view but we did notice that Fawzie was getting smaller and smaller as he made his way across, he was also getting more and more tired and eventually opted for a ride in an inflatable boats that was running up and down between the wrecks.

After a short ride in the boat, he was dropped off on the wreck and drifted down past all the wrecks looking at the sea life. He did end up a considerable way down the beach, when he finally got out of the water and had a fair distance to walk back to where we were parked. This just showed how fast and strong the current was, even on a relatively calm day.

XDrive Moreton Island AdventurThe ferry for the return arrived and everyone lined up on the beach to await their turn to drive on. We finally loaded up and the ramp behind was drawn up and we proceeded towards Brisbane, our XDrive Moreton Island Adventure was fast coming to an end. After parking and securing the vehicles we once again made our way upstairs to sit and chat about our weekend.

The guys had progressed very well from their novice status in the beginning, in fact they even had to hire a Four Wheel Drive, vehicle for the weekend as no one in the group owned one. We did not get stuck once the entire weekend. Dave once again, kindly went down below and re–‐inflated all our tyres prior to disembarking and taking the road home. Once the ferry docked, we all loaded up and disembarked, meeting just round the corner to finally say our goodbyes for the weekend.

XDrive Moreton Island AdventureWhen we arrived home, I quickly placed our CTEK Battery charger on all of our batteries, to ensure that we were fully charged and ready to go again at a moment’s notice. Having a smart charger such as CTEK, ensures that the batteries are kept at their optimum charge and therefore ensure that our batteries will last longer and work properly. It was a great trip and thanks to our sponsors Baintech Industries and CTEK battery chargers and to all those that made the trip possible.

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