B.O.B Stands up to Cyclone Debbie

As a business owner, every minute you are without power can cost you thousands of dollars in lost productivity and sales. Providing emergency power for 6 to 12 hours using a rechargeable battery storage system, the B.O.B (Black Out Buster) helps businesses continue to operate when the power goes down.

Business owner Christina della Valle, of Whitsunday Beefalo, purchased two B.O.B units from Bainbridge Technologies to protect her butchery business from loss of stock due to unexpected power outages. In March 2017, severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie caused widespread damage and power outages to the Whitsunday region. The following testament describes how crucial backup power was to Christina and her business in the wake of Cyclone Debbie.

“Outstanding customer service: about 18 months ago we purchased 2 BOB, blackout buster, a unit of back-up deep cycle batteries, in the case of a power outage. And did we use them! During Debbie, I saved all my meat. Power outages are still pretty frequent around here, but I can sleep in peace and go away during the day, as the BOB will do the job for up to 12 hours. One of the units was playing up and I phoned Baintech in Brisbane to ask for advice. They are going to send up 2 new electronic units, which they suspect, are playing up. No ifs and buts, just excellent customer service! Thank you Baintech!

I can phone up a Brisbane number, talk to real people, get support, even though I have paid the money a long time ago. I can highly recommend them and the BOBs have saved me money.”

Christina della Valle – Whitsunday Beefalo & Berkshire Gold

Read more about the B.O.B System here

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