Lithium or Sodium batteries – potential vs reality

Lithium or Sodium batteries – potential vs reality If there’s one thing you can always rely on is the constant progression and innovation of technology. No tech bought today will stay as it is, it will be improved in its next iteration based on user feedback. This is fantastic for consumers! You will always be […]

Long live lithium! Why lithium batteries are unbeatable for camping and 4×4 

Lithium-ion batteries have changed the way we live forever.  When we garden, we no longer put up with heavy, smokey motors or lengthy extension cords. Instead, we move around with freedom thanks to Li-ion batteries.  An item as vital as a pacemaker is best powered by rechargeable lithium batteries. They are the safest and lightest […]

A tropical camping adventure on the Old Telegraph Track

A tropical camping adventure on the Old Telegraph Track Autumn 2023 Adventure Profile: Cape York Track/Old Telegraph Track Location: Cooktown to Seisia (QLD) Distance: 848km Best time to travel: May-October Iconic. This group of 4 friends had been planning this trip for three years, dreaming of rugged top-end adventure from the dreary monotony of mid-2020 […]

Lithium Batteries and Van Life Explained

Are you living and travelling in a van or maybe you’re thinking about taking your life on the road in a van? Excellent decision! But what kind of battery do you need to power all your new gadgets and appliances? Lithium batteries are the best option for van life, but there are a few things […]

Prismatic Cells Vs. Cylindrical – What’s the difference?

When looking to make the switch to Lithium there are many benefits, however not all Lithium Batteries are made the same. There’s Prismatic and there is Cylindrical… Prismatic Lithium Cells   Prismatic Cells are the superior type of Lithium cell for uses in any battery that is in a non-stationary environment. However, there’s more to […]

What Size Inverter Do I Need?

Looking at all the inverter options can be overwhelming. What are all the numbers, and what do they mean? If you’re not an electrician, it can be tricky to figure out how to find an inverter that will meet your power needs without letting you down when you’re out camping. This guide will help you […]

The Benefits of Lithium Batteries for Trolling Motors

A commonly asked question is: Can I replace lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries for my trolling motor? The answer is yes, there are numerous benefits when replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries in marine applications. Not only will a lithium battery keep your trolling motor running efficiently but, when you reduce weight by switching from […]

Can you trust the claims of imported products?

Can you trust the claims of imported products? Many Lithium Batteries being sold in Australia are fully imported. Most typically from China, these units come off the assembly line and the only modifications are the screen printing of a logo on the side of the plastic ABS box. Some importers go one step further and […]

How to Prepare Your RV Battery for Winter Care

Did you know that more than one in 13 households in Australia report owning a recreational vehicle (RV)? Or that 42 per cent of RV owners have children under 15? Clearly, owning an RV has gone mainstream for the average Aussie family and with good reason.  The vast majority of RV owners, 87 per cent […]