The back of your 4WD can be a lot of different things. It’s a tool box, a kitchen, the place where you plug in and start playing your favourite music the minute you get to camp. You can do a lot of living out of the rear of your 4WD but the more time you spend back there, the more power you’re going to require to keep appliances like your fridge running and devices like your camera fully charged.

Simply running a cord from your cigarette socket to the back isn’t going to cut it, but thankfully there is a variety of specialty products available designed to accommodate your flexible power needs. Pre-wired socket and switch panels provide you with a range of multiple sockets, and different style sockets, and combine them into one convenient power system.

Since these panels come pre-wired, installation is an easy DIY affair that can be knocked off in an afternoon so you can be free to enjoy the thrill of powering and charging all of your 12V devices and appliances around the campfire that same evening.

Power panels, like those available from Bainbridge Technologies, offer 4WDers access to all of today’s most popular socket types at once. Imagine USB sockets for charging your smart phone or tablet, sockets to keep your fridge running cool, Merit/Hella sockets for mini power connections and so much more all in a single, dashboard-mounted unit that’s well monitored by a dedicated voltmeter.

The voltmeter shows you exactly what state your batteries are in, at the rear, when you’re using them, rather than being out of sight and mind and running the risk of going flat as your fridge and lights run into the night. Stop having to pick and choose what stays and what goes. Set yourself up with a power panel featuring a range of different sockets today, so everything gets to come along on your next 4WD adventure.

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